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Company Termikas Ltd. is now working for 28 years in aircraft, engines and gliders world market.

Main goal of the company is to provide high quality overhauled YAK type aircraft, perform their maintenance, repairs, overhaul engines and propellers. We are also allowed to work on Western type aircraft e.g. Cessna, Piper, Mooney, Socata.

We comply with laws and requirements of Lithuanian CAA and EASA Part 145.

JSC "Termikas" is the first private enterprise in the former post-Soviet space that started to repair the aero-engines of Vedeneyev M-14P and Ivchenko AI-14R. The called as "engines 14th group" of Russian Design Bureau "Motorostrojenije".

In 1997, in collaboration with the Design Bureau and repair factories, finally, technical literature and spare parts were stored, workplaces were established and specialists were invited for training and evaluating the employees of aero-engines maintenance of JSC "Termikas".

With the involvement of competent professionals, the first engines M-14P and AI-14RA were dismantled, defective, repaired, collected and tested, technical literature was reviewed and supplemented.

On the basis of having highly qualified inspection specialists report, Lithuanian CAA has included engine repair/ maintenance on the certificate approval schedule of the JSC "Termikas".

For years, we have been accumulating experience and teaching our specialists, we have visited Voronezh Design Bureau ‘Motorostrojenija’ (engine M-14P) and training centre of Lycoming in US.

Today, newly appeared specialists and advertising themselves worked more or less time in our company. At that time, they used all the necessary technical information and relationship. Unfortunately, the work done by some of them caused a number of situations deteriorating working atmosphere that cost us money and damaged the reputation of the Company.

We have repeatedly faced fake repairs under the veil of well-known companies. As we personally know many people in different companies, we are able to recognize their pattern; we can easily define the authenticity of both the engine itself and its documentation.

Therefore, the such phenomena, when in the absence of sufficient competences and technical capabilities, or maybe even lacking responsibility, unprofessional work or outdated, unchecked item is being tried to stuff into your aircraft, should not be tolerated.


April / 2018.04.11

March / 2018.03.06

Winter - the best time for repairs / 2019.01.31

Autumn / 2018.11.14

September / 2018.09.28

YAK - 18T / 2018.08.14

Busy May / 2018.06.03

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YAK - 18T / 2018.04.12

Piper Saratoga / 2018.03.16

Bye winter, bye Grumman! / 2018.02.25

Orange period - YAK-50 ( Aerobatic team ANBO ) / 2018.02.02

Wings & Fuselage / 2018.01.22