Wing span upper 18,18 m
Wing span lower 14,24 m
Length overall (tail up) 12,71 m
Length overall (tail down) 12,40 m
Height overall (tail up) 6,10 m
Height overall (tail down) 4,00 m
Wheel track 3,45 m
Propeller diameter 3,60 m
Propeller ground clearance 0,69 m
Wing area 71,6 m2
Cargo door (port) mean height 1,55 m
Cargo door (port) mean width 1,39 m
Cargo compartment length 4,10 m
Cargo compartment max. height 1,80 m
Cargo compartment max. width 1,60 m


Weight empty 3450 kg
Max. T-O weight 5500 kg
Useful load 2050 kg
Max. fuel weight 900 kg
Max. wing loading 78,82 kg/m
Max. power loading 5,5 kg/ph
Performance (at AUW of 5250 kg)
Max. level speed at 1500 m 253 km/h
Econ. cruising speed 185 km/h
Stalling speed 90 km/h
Max. rate of climb at S/L 3 m/s
Service ceiling 4400 m
T-O run (grass) 170 m
T-O to 10,7 m (grass) 320 m
Landing run (grass) 185 m
Landing run (hard runway) 170 m
Range at 1000 m with 700 kg playload 1370


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