Company Termikas Ltd. is specializing in complete aircraft renewal. Up to now we have refurbished many Certified aircraft e. g. Cessna, Piper, Mooney, Socata, Boeing Stearman, Pitts, Robin.We can work with metal, wooden and composite constructions.

In the aircraft renewal we can offer following:

Front side down to firewall:
  1. propeller overhaul, replacement;
  2. engine and all components overhaul;
  3. hoses, control cables replacement with new ones;
  4. firewall and electric wiring renewal.
  1. aircraft disassembling;
  2. complete defect list;
  3. old paint removal;
  4. corrosion treatment;
  5. metal construction repairs;
  6. anticorrosion primer;
  7. aircraft painting;
  8. aircraft assembling;
  9. weight & balance sheet.
  1. disassembling;
  2. leather applying on the seats, sidewalls, ceiling;
  3. new carpet;
  4. at extra costs and separate agreement, instrument panel renewal, repair, replacement with new one;
  5. replacement of all cockpit glasses, polishing/renewal of the old ones;
  6. interior assembling.

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