Airplane length 7,670 m
Wing span 9,500 m
Wing area 15 m2
Engine type M-14P
Engine output 360 hp
Empty weight 1010 kg
Maximum speed 300 kmph
Cruising speed 180 kmph
Range 420 km
Take-off roll 180 m
Landing roll 300 m
G-load range +7, -5

YAK-52 valid bulletins list HERE

YAK-52 Air Schematic HERE

YAK-52 electrical HERE

YAK-52 AD regarding stabilizer sector P/N 525100-80 from LT CAA EN LT

We offer these extras for standard YAK-52 aircraft:

  • Extra fuel tanks in the wings
  • Extra fuel tank in the rear cockpit
  • 400 HP bulletin on the engine
  • Three blade propeller MTV-9
  • Smoke system
  • Rounded plastic wing tips
  • Cockpit lamps
  • Landing lamps on the landing gear
  • Gel batteries with plastic container
  • Entry step on the wing
  • Tow bar
  • New leather interior
  • New canopy
  • New standard seat belts
  • Jacks for the western headsets
  • Set of new brake pads (new material)
  • Canopy and pitot covers
  • Oil drain kit
  • Wing step
  • Flight and maintenance manuals and parts catalog on CD
  • Drain kit installation
  • Bulletin 107
  • New seat belts (Hooker Harness)
  • Bigger luggage compartment
  • Plastic fairings between wing and fuselage
  • Walk way on the wing (sticker)
  • Walk way on the wing (sprayed sand)
  • Aircraft registration in Lithuania and issue of the C of A

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