Conversion kit from standard YAK-52 into the TD version includes:

  1. Set of wings with integrated aerobatic and ferry tanks (total capacity 230 litres);
  2. All fuel lines and pumps in the wings installed;
  3. Complete undercarriage: modified to TD version, all parts overhauled, new brakes and tires;
  4. New flexible hoses;
  5. New bearings on aileron hinges;
  6. New "Ceconite" on ailerons;
  7. Bulletin 60 (strong joint fittings of the main spar);
  8. Bulletin 107 (steel strap on the main spar installed);
  9. Rounded wing tips;
  10. Wiring for NAV lights and strobe from "Whelen" to be fitted on the wing tips;
  11. A set of new bolts connecting wings to the fuselage, made to the fittings' size;
  12. Priming of the a/c;
  13. Painting to a Customer's design;
  14. Tail wheel assembly;
  15. Drawings and instructions in English language;

NOTE: The main job is to level the new wings and to rivet in the new tail doll assembly. All other systems fit standard YAK-52 and will take as much time to assemble a TD as to assemble standard YAK-52. In case a Customer wants to have "2 in 1" he can keep the old wings and purchase the conversion kit only.

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