Lycoming short description

Beginning in 1929 with the R-680 nine-cylinder radial that powered everything from Stinsons to Stearmans, Lycoming piston aircraft engines have earned an unparalleled reputation for reliability and durability.

Today, Lycoming produces the most complete line of horizontally opposed, air cooled four, six and eight-cylinder aircraft engines available, with power ranging from 100 to 400 HP. Carbureted or fuel injected, normally aspirated or turbocharged - with a reputation for reaching or exceeding TBO - Lycoming piston engines are the engine of choice for both the home builder and the major airframe manufacturer. From the Robinson R-22 helicopter to the powerful Piper Malibu Mirage, Lycoming piston engines currently power more than half the world's general aviation fleet.

Despite more than 75 years of proven performance, Lycoming continues to push the design of its engines, finding new ways to add power, pefficiency, and durability.

With proud heritage of performance, value, and reliability, and with worldwide parts and warranty support, Lycoming is the Power of Choice for piston aircraft.

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