M-14PF short history and discription

Under the Soviet system of aircraft design and production, Design Bureaux had the responsibility for designing aircraft/engines, which they would test until acceptance and then manufacturing would typically be given to a separate manufacturing plant.

The principal product of the Vedeneyev Design Bureau has been the M14 family of engines, but these were originally designed as the AI-14 by the Ivchenko Design Bureau at Zaparozhye in the Ukraine.

Vedeneyev’s first engine was the AI-14RF, which produced 300hp and this in turn led to the M14P, which was introduced in its Series I form in the early 1970s. This produced 360hp, and Series II came out in the early 1980s, still delivering 360hp, but with a variety of internal improvements.

The M14P family is certainly one of the World’s legendry aircraft engines, to a certain extent because of its exceptional record in world-class aerobatic competitions, but also because of its charismatic noise and high-power output for its weight. As the only radial engine still in production, it also has a great deal of historical interest.

The Russian National Team began asking for more power and the result was the M14PF in which the power is increased to 400hp by changing the supercharger gearbox so that the supercharger is turned at 10.5 times engine speed rather than 8.25. This therefore uses the same supercharger and other systems, but turns the supercharger impeller at an extremely high 30,000 rpm in order to produce the higher levels of boost necessary for greater power.

The PF engine is now well-proven after some 15 years in service. In- service testing was done with the Russian National Team and the engine was principally used in competition aircraft, such as the Sukhoi, but now has much wider application in other Yaks. The PF is now cleared up to 500 hours TBO, with the only proviso that the normal 100 hour checks are done at 50 hour intervals.

Basic specifications
Type: 9 cylinder, geared, air-cooled radial
Rated Power: 400 HP @ 2,950 RPM
Dry weight: 220 kg 9(485 lbs )
TBO 150 hours
Intended Usage: Designed for reliability, well-suited for use in advanced aerobatic aircraft
Diameter: 38-3/4 in
Length: 36-3/8 in
Displacement: 621 cu. in
Bore: 4-1/8 in
Stroke: 5-1/8 in

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