Yakovlev DB decision No Б-46/52-11 / 2011 09 06 /

Crash investigations of Yak-52 serial number 9010607 Ekaterinburg's Aviation Sports Club Voluntary Association for Assistance to Army, Air Force and Navy of Russian Federation are found the destruction of the elevator sector 525100-80.

The research found that the cause of the sector 525100-80 destruction is combination of high level dynamic loading of the sector under actual operating conditions and manufacturing defects:

  • manufacturing the sectors of the plate instead of forging (forged);
  • manufacturing the sectors from the AK-4 instead of the AK-6;
  • underestimating of fillet radius (transition to thickening of the sector) during the production process (deviations from the drawing requirements);
  • large surface roughness in the fillet area;
  • negative (parallel to the fillet) location of the structure of sector's material.

For more information please DOWNLOAD:

DECISION № Б-46/52-11 to issue of the bulletin of Yak-52 aircrafts modifications.

VISUAL Yak-52 aircraft elevator 525100-80-3 sector replacement (pdf).

Together For 20 Years / 2011 06 18 /

YAK-52TD in a music video / 2011 05 21 /

"Termikas" twentieth Yak-52TD appeared in Pietro Lombardi ( German singer and winner of Deutschland sucht den Superstar season 8 ) music viedo "Call My Name".

Pietro Lombardi - Call My Name by universalmusicbelgique

News from Co. Termikas fashion house / 2011 05 01 /

Spring/ Summer 2011 trends - bright colours and broad accents!

Fashion show models: PA-18 (Sweden), F-1 Rocket (Germany), RV-7 (Lithuania).

Yellow, red, blue, metallic aircraft covers available.

Busy last week / 2011 04 06 /

F1 ROCKET on the cover of german "Flieger magazin" / January, 2011 /

Kitplane F1 Rocket Evo is the cover story of the german "Flieger magazin" ( January 2011 ). You can read the article here.

More photos of F1 Rocket - in the "Flieger magazin" gallery.

Co. Termikas Ltd. got an approval to carry out Magnetic Particle Testing / January 14, 2011 /

Co. Termikas Ltd. got an approval from the Lithuanian CAA to carry out Magnetic Particle Testing for Aerospace parts and components in accordance with the Standards ASTM 1444-05 & ASTM 709. The laboratory is equipped with modern Magnetic Particle Inspection Bench ARDOX 3000 amp AC/HWDC. It allows to detect flaws in ferromagnetic materials with high accuracy and speed. Wet Magnetic Particle Application, Continuous Method – Fluorescent is used.

Parts up to 1 meter length can be tested on the bench.

Co termikas Ltd. got an approval from the Lithuanian CAA to overhaul and maintain aircraft PZL-104 "Wilga" / January 14, 2011 /