Year 1991 - Registration certificate of an enterprice

Year 1993 - The first Antonov An-2 aircraft was sold

The first from the left is aviator George Coy, from Vermont, USA. George's dream to fly the first American Cessna-172 aircraft to Lithuania and fly back to USA with the first An-2 aircraft registered in Lithuania was realized. We sold much more of these planes later.

Year 1998 - 100 aircraft sold

The main aircraft at that time was the Yak. They flew to the UK, Germany, Spain, USA, Australia, New Zealand. The main country was the UK.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the cessation of funding for aviation clubs, most of these aircraft were left to their fate. We are proud that we did not allow then and later many planes to die.

Year 2001 - Termikas' 10 Years Anniversary

The priority of the company remains the YAK family of aerobatic aircraft. Termikas is successfully working with Jakovlev Design Bureau. New joint project - 120 ltr. additional tanks - caissons in to the wings of the aircraft YAK-52. We prepare drawings, perform installation and testing. Jakovlev DB performs technical supervision of the project and issues official supplements to maintenance and flight manuals. Upon customer request, we are still making this modification.

Same year, 2001, we initiated and financed the building of a club house with a motel and a café at Pociūnai Airport. The „Debesota“ motel opens before the 1st World Women's Gliding Championship. "Debesota“ has become a center of attraction for aviators, their families and aviation enthusiasts.

Year 2006 - Termikas' 15 Years Anniversary

The company is certified and has an EASA Part 145 certificate. More than 200 aircraft were sold. We are happy with two new original projects:

  • YAK-12 "Hydra" - an amphibious aircraft. Designed and manufactured floats with retractable chassis. George Coy from Vermont came over again to fly with this plane.
  • YAK-52TD (tail drager). Modification of the Yak-52 chassis with a tail wheel and fully retractable the landing gear.

The Yak-52TD won top awards in 2008 at Oshkosh, USA, known as The World’s Greatest Aviation Celebration and Florida Sun'n Fun in 2009. Pilot Dave Jester. The author of both projects is Pranas Šnioka.

Year 2011 - Termikas' 20 Years Anniversary

The number of employees increased to 45.

We continue to work with YAK type aircraft and „family 14“ radial engines. We repair Cessna, Piper, Socata, Wilga aircraft and Lycoming, Continental engines, manufacture wooden wings for historic aircraft Focke-Wulf 44, Wiima, and restore their fuselages.

Recent and original projects at that time:

  • Modification of strength structures for YAK-54 aircraft, according to the special Yakovlev DB program.
  • Electric aircraft Silence Twister with Siemens power plant.
  • Historic aircraft.

Year 2021 - Termikas' 30 Years Anniversary

On June 12, 2021 we all met for a fun day in Pociūnai airfield to celebrate Termikas' 30th anniversary.