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2011 News

Yakovlev DB decision No Б-46/52-11 / 2011 09 06

Crash investigations of Yak-52 serial number 9010607 Ekaterinburg's Aviation Sports Club Voluntary Association for Assistance to Army, Air Force and Navy of Russian Federation are found the destruction of the elevator sector 525100-80.

The research found that the cause of the sector 525100-80 destruction is combination of high level dynamic loading of the sector under actual operating conditions and manufacturing defects:

  • manufacturing the sectors of the plate instead of forging (forged);
  • manufacturing the sectors from the AK-4 instead of the AK-6;
  • underestimating of fillet radius (transition to thickening of the sector) during the production process (deviations from the drawing requirements);
  • large surface roughness in the fillet area;
  • negative (parallel to the fillet) location of the structure of sector's material.

For more information please DOWNLOAD:

DECISION № Б-46/52-11 to issue of the bulletin of Yak-52 aircrafts modifications.

VISUAL Yak-52 aircraft elevator 525100-80-3 sector replacement (pdf).

Together For 20 Years / 2011 06 18

YAK-52TD in a music video / 2011 05 21

"Termikas" twentieth Yak-52TD appeared in Pietro Lombardi ( German singer and winner of Deutschland sucht den Superstar season 8 ) music viedo "Call My Name".

Pietro Lombardi - Call My Name by universalmusicbelgique

News from Co. Termikas fashion house / 2011 05 01

Spring/ Summer 2011 trends - bright colours and broad accents!

Fashion show models: PA-18 (Sweden), F-1 Rocket (Germany), RV-7 (Lithuania).

Yellow, red, blue, metallic aircraft covers available.

Busy last week / 2011 04 06

F1 ROCKET on the cover of german "Flieger magazin" / January, 2011

Kitplane F1 Rocket Evo is the cover story of the german "Flieger magazin" ( January 2011 ). You can read the article here.

More photos of F1 Rocket - in the "Flieger magazin" gallery.

Co. Termikas Ltd. got an approval to carry out Magnetic Particle Testing / January 14, 2011

Co. Termikas Ltd. got an approval from the Lithuanian CAA to carry out Magnetic Particle Testing for Aerospace parts and components in accordance with the Standards ASTM 1444-05 & ASTM 709. The laboratory is equipped with modern Magnetic Particle Inspection Bench ARDOX 3000 amp AC/HWDC. It allows to detect flaws in ferromagnetic materials with high accuracy and speed. Wet Magnetic Particle Application, Continuous Method – Fluorescent is used.

Parts up to 1 meter length can be tested on the bench.

Co termikas Ltd. got an approval from the Lithuanian CAA to overhaul and maintain aircraft PZL-104 "Wilga" / January 14, 2011

Gallery update: YAK-52TD / January 13, 2011

Gallery link - YAK-52TD