Short description of overhaul process:

  • Remove old paint
  • Inspect airframe and all systems and issue defect list
  • Repair all defects
  • Incorporate all missing bulletins
  • Check, repair calibrate instruments and radio equipment
  • Replace bearings in the control system
  • Apply new Ceconite
  • Make new and install hoses
  • Test pipes of the air system. Replace on condition. Sometimes replace all pipes
  • Install options to a customer specification
  • Carry out magnetic inspection of the main joints and bolts. Replace if find cracks
  • Carry out micrometric measurements of the main joints and bolts. Ream the holes to the next size and make new bolts. Get all tolerances to the factory new standards.
  • Check the leveling
  • Paint interior
  • Paint exterior
  • Make new leather upholstery and harness
  • Overhaul engine
  • Overhaul propeller
  • Overhaul undercarriage
  • Assemble the aircraft
  • Check leveling
  • Make weight and balance diagrams
  • Test all systems on the ground
  • Perform engine ground run and adjustments
  • Carry out test flights and final adjustments

All jobs are included in the aircraft OH file with signatures of mechanics and engineers.

On a customer request we make pictures of his aircraft at each stage and e-mail for the overhaul history records.

Present the overhauled airplane to a customer at our field or dismount the aircraft, preserve it and put in special jigs for shipment overseas .

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