We use such step-by-step technology:

  • Disassemble the airplane, remove wings, stabilizer, fin, control surfaces;
  • All plastic parts, windows and openings are protected against harmful paint removal affect;
  • Remove engine in order to paint the firewall;
  • Wash all old paint using chemicals;
  • Aircraft is completely washed with water in order to neutralize all paint remover residue;
  • We never use any metal or steel brushes in order to avoid corrosion in the future;
  • Clean corrosion and protect the corroded places with special chemicals (Alodyne) to prevent corrosion in the future;
  • Make a list of defects when aircraft is disassembled and carefully inspected, after that send it to the customer with available ways of repair offer and price list for these actions;
  • Repair metals and plastic parts defects;
  • Aircraft is made ready for priming and painting;
  • Primer is sprayed;
  • Prime and paint (or only prime) the firewall;
  • Paint the airplane in 3 colors (standard) scheme, provided by the customer;
  • Balance control surfaces;
  • While aircraft is being painted, propeller is being painted as well;
  • Assemble the aircraft;
  • Flight control surfaces are balanced in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications;
  • Flight control surfaces are reinstalled in accordance with the manufacturer's procedures;
  • New stainless steel bolts are supplied (kit for each aircraft type);
  • At extra costs we repair hidden defects after discussing them with the customer first, also install new cockpit glasses, new interior, paint the interior;
  • Paint scheme is finished with registration (stickers or painted letters);

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